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The Missing Manual
“The Guide You Should Have Got With Your Gut”

Janet Pfeiffer

PhD (Clinical Nutrition), MSC (Alternative Medicine), Master Herbalist

I have been working in the field of digestive health for more than 30 years – from conventional beginnings as a nurse in the gastroenterology ward of a major public hospital, to working for specialists in the field, then as a clinical nutritionist and alternative medicine therapist in private practice.

When it comes to the digestive system, there is little I have not seen or heard in this time. I’ve seen more diets, super-foods, and new-age nutrients than I can remember.

It’s true that science has made many advances in our understanding of how our digestive systems function and, even more importantly, how our digestion affects our overall health, but the basic advice that I gave 20 years ago is remarkably similar to the advice I give today.

For optimal health, eat optimally. Eat fresh, healthy, real food. Food is medicine, if you make the right choices. Add some targeted herbal and nutritional supplements, and you’ll never look back. 

I’m not a vegan vigilante, nutritional nazi, macro-nutrient militant or the paleo police! And I’m not against vegetarian, paleo or keto diets – but I don’t advocate depriving yourself of all life’s food pleasures – just enjoy them in moderation, if they’re nutritionally less than optimal.

After now working with thousands of clients over so many years, I can assure you that you can overcome your digestive health issues – without drugs.

I am dedicated to helping you overcome your challenges with digestive-related issues.
I am dedicated to providing you with information that can make a substantial and life-changing difference in your health.
I aim to provide you with the latest, best, most accurate information that can make the biggest impact on your health.
In my books, I share scientifically sound, well-researched secrets that few doctors know. I hope to prove that there are alternatives to suffering with the symptoms of digestive related illness, and there are alternatives to drugs.
You do have a choice.
If you are willing to take the first steps to wellness, I am committed to helping you improve your health.

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